Herefordshire Council

  • Options appraisal
  • Resilience planning
  • Business planning

P+P has recently completed a study for Herefordshire Council on the future resilience of its museum service. The work involved the development of a vision and delivery model for an incremental, low-risk, high-reward business plan aiming to ensure the long-term sustainability of the service by maximising access to the collections, considering future governance arrangements and developing across-the-board and long-lasting partnerships; all to support the work of the staff and to maximise the return from the Council’s earlier investments.

The Council was awarded Heritage Lottery Funding for the Resilient Heritage review of the museum service, with the Herefordshire Museum Service Support Group (HMSSG) as a community partner.

Chairman of HMSSG, Miriam Griffiths, said: "We welcome the report’s carefully considered proposals for the museum service. A sustainable governance and business model is the key to a resilient future for the county’s museums".

Herefordshire Museum Service

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