Northwest Regional Development Agency

  • Project definition
  • Brief development
  • Interpretation strategy
  • Exhibition design
  • Project management


In 2007, we were appointed by the Northwest Regional Development Agency to direct a team responsible for scoping, researching, designing and installing a new data management system and exhibition at the award-winning Rheged Centre in Cumbria, exploring the geological development and human impact on the landscape of England's Lake District. With and area of 2,300 km2 across the historical counties of Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire, England's largest national park has 23 million annual visits, 14,650 archaeological sites and monuments, 1,760 Listed buildings, 23 Conservation Areas and 275 Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

The work involved creating a GIS database of the geological and archaeological assets of the Lake District, drawn from various data sources including the UK's Historic Environment Record and in developing a comprehensive and comprehensible narrative of the evolution of the landscape, over a 16,000 year period, from the last Ice Age to the Vikings.



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