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Gjirokastra, Albania - World Heritage Site

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UPDATE - June 2024

Muttrah Waterfront Master Plan, Oman

P+P has been appointed by Grimshaw Global to assist in the Master Plan for the redevelopment of Muttrah Waterfront, Oman. As expert adviser to the Design Team, our role is to ensure that cultural and natural heritage play a number of significant roles in the development of the vision for the site by:

  • Respecting their intrinsic values as placeholders of identity  
  • Offering enhanced attractiveness to investors, tourists and residents
  • Promoting social cohesion, tolerance and creativity
  • Acting as anchor points in defining spatial, economic and social urban functions.


Butrint National Park World Heritage Site

We have recently been appointed by the newly-established Butrint Management Foundation to compile the Terms of Reference for a number of studies on the archaeology, hydrology and ecology, transportation and security of the National Park to provide qualifying information for its development, future presentation to the public and its long-term conservation both for its intrinsic qualities and for the benefits to local residents.

This folows our earlier work in producing, with the endorsement of UNESCO, the Butrint Integrated Management Plan, which was formally approved by the Albanian Government in July 2020, as the first of its kind to be undertaken within the framework of the country's new law on cultural heritage and museums. The Plan proposes a new approach to heritage sites in the region in resolving issues relating to years of neglect and inadequate financial support and promotes site conservation and sustainable tourism management leading to increased local capacity building and community well-being. 

United Nations Special Adviser

David Prince has been appointed a special adviser to the United Nations by UNOPS, the United Nations Office for Project Services.  A self-financing entity within the UN, UNOPS exists to support sustainable development, mitigate the effects of climate change and enhance initiatives for peace and security. His work will focus initially on cultural heritage projects in Albania, a country with which he has had a long association, including the National Historic Museum and National Library in Tirana and the former Roman Port of Durres.

Gjirokastra Historic Houses Network

P+P is currently working with Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) in producing a sustainable strategy for the development of a network of Ottoman-era defensive houses in Gjirokastra in southern Albania as part of the city's wider tourism offer. This is a continuation of P+P's original work in assisting the city to achieve World Heritage Site status. 

Spac Conservation and Management Plan

P+P is also advising CHwB on the conservation and management of the communist era prison at Spac, a national historic monument and visitor destination in the mountains of northern Albania. 

Hereford Museum and Library

P+P was appointed in August 2021 by Herefordshire Council to report on the revenue generating potential of a redeveloped Hereford Museum and Library with a view to their economic sustainability in the long term. The Library which is currently co-located with the Museum in Broad Street will be relocated elsewhere in Hereford city centre, enabling the Museum to expand and be significantly upgraded. We subsequently advised project managers Mace and architects Architype on the redevelopment of the museum and relocation of the library. 

This follows our work, in 2018, on the future resilience of the Herefordshire Museum Service. This work involved the development of a vision and delivery model for an incremental low-risk, high-reward business plan aiming to ensure the long-term sustainability of the service by maximising access to the collections, considering future governance arrangements and developing across-the-board and long-lasting partnerships; all to support the work of the staff and to maximise the return from the Council's earlier investments.

Sustainable destination management in OIC countries
New York based consultancy DinarStandard has appointed P+P as academic consultants for the preparation of a sustainable destination management report on behalf of the Organisation for Islamic Co-operation (OIC). Founded in 1969, OIC consists of 57 member states with a collective population of over 1.5 billion. P+P's work will include developing a research plan, supervising research and analysis by DinarStandard's team, writing policy recommendations and ensuring the study is academically sound.