Government of Oman

Supreme Council for Planning

  • Strategic business planning
  • Capacity building
  • Urban design
  • Strategic land-use planning

The Oman National Spatial Strategy will provide a framework for the development of the Sultanate over the next thirty years. Motivated by the challenges of rapidly-changing economic, social, demographic and resource infrastructures, the Strategy will create land-use and planning policies to ensure long term, sustainable, social, economic and physical development. The use of GIS-based digital protocols will ensure rapid information management and underpin the ability of the Strategy to respond quickly to change at both the global and national levels.

In 2013, we were appointed by Oman’s Supreme Council for Planning as members of the project's Scientific Management Team, advising on strategic business planning, capacity building, land-use planning and urban design. Our role extended to coordinating the work of eight specialist thematic teams and managing the outputs of four sub-consultants in developing regional spatial strategies. 


Oman National Spatial Strategy