Arrow Glacier, Kibo Summit, Kilimanjaro National Park

Our strong belief in client focus and stakeholder engagement ensures that those involved in the process develop a sense of ownership and are empowered to take the project forward. As a result, we have developed long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Consultation makes a significant contribution to the strategic planning and project definition process. The engagement of stakeholders helps to build relationships and partnerships and facilitate the resolution of conflicting interests.

We use facilitated workshops as a primary technique to create understanding, achieve consensus and provide a clear way forward.

This is based on the belief that, to be effective, proposals must be long-lasting, produce positive organisational benefits and cannot be imposed from the outside – they must emerge through consultation and effective communication.

From a thorough understanding of the assets, resources and challenges of a project, we develop bespoke plans which are workable, achievable and relevant. All our work is designed to be sustainable in the long term financially, socially and environmentally.